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Tranquility Crystal Candles

Find a large range of aromatherapy candles for grief related issues & crystals for spiritual healing – restoring peace of mind & inner balance along your life’s journey.

If you’re experiencing some form of grief or trauma in your life, it’s the little things that can often help get you through those difficult times. When you shop our online store, you can find a variety of candles for grief, trauma candles and spiritual healing crystals that will assist in enhancing your overall mental health and wellbeing. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, unhappiness, exhaustion, low energy or confusion, our lovingly crafted candles can help in your recovery process.

Made from natural ingredients such as 100% soy wax and presented in the most beautiful glass containers, there’s something to suit every taste and sensory preference.  Our grief memorial candles are designed to bring a peaceful ambience to any room and space within your home. Included with each candle is a beautiful affirmation lovingly channelled by Beverley, as a special gift to you.

Crystals for anxiety, depression, tiredness, fatigue and confusion…

At Rainbow Healing Rooms, we sell beautiful crystals that have been amplified with Rainbow Medicine and lovingly channeled by Beverley. We understand grief is a complex range of difficult emotions and can often be challenging to deal with on a daily basis. By using our high vibrational crystals, it can help to cleanse, clear, energise and ground your energies, enabling you to develop more clarity in your life.

At Rainbow Healing, we want you to become the best you can be. Whether it’s helping you to be happy and find the joy within your soul or finding laughter from within your soul, we would feel honoured to be part of that transition in helping you feel like YOU again. So, when you are dancing in the positive light of spirit, allowing you to have everything that is rightfully yours on your journey of life, then you know you have come into alignment with your true nature and the power of spirit.

Tranquility in a Jar Crystal Candles

Our Tranquility in a Jar crystal candles are lovingly crafted & hand poured at the Rainbow Healing Rooms. They are made from natural ingredients such as 100% soy wax. To finish off they are topped with a crystal tumble stone and crystal sprinkles.

Presented in an elegant clear glass container they are sure to provide a peaceful ambience to any room. Included with each candle is a beautiful affirmation lovingly channeled by Beverley, as a special gift to you.

Our crystal candles come in two sizes large and medium with twenty (20) amazing fragrances to choose from. The superior quality of each of our fragrances provides for a great cold & hot throw. They are bound to make your room smell delicious.

Packaged in a stylish box to make them the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, christening or any special event. We are able to do special orders for example your favourite fragrance and crystal topping.



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