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Spiritual Healing - Mediphysical Medicine

Spiritual Healing by Beverley the Medicine Woman. Using healing colours that Beverley has created through her healing vocation and lovingly channeled through spirit. To help you heal on all levels of your being. This will help with your health and wellbeing.

Such as:

  • Relaxing Your Mind
  • Helping Overcome Anxiety
  • Compulsive Behaviours
  • Trauma
  • Health Issues
  • Grief through loss of a loved ones
  • Clearing Negative Energy Blocks
  • Cleansing your Body

Spiritual healing flows through your body helping to clear energy blocks and allowing your body to heal and rejuvenate. Using colour therapy Beverley will flow healing through your body lifting your bodies vibration, opening up your heart, mind and soul to attract positive energy earthly and spiritually. After healing Beverley uses white light from the divine to seal your energies and give protection. This will help your earthly body and spirit body to become a flow of light. When our bodies are flowing freely we attract positive energy into our lives, opening up a world of opportunities that are rightfully ours.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy is a beautiful healing process that Beverley has channeled through spirit. It is a soft blue light that gently dances into your physical body. Beverley has created and channeled through spirit this beautiful blue light.

It works by oxygenating the cells in your body. When your body is oxygenated by the Blue Light Therapy it will start to go into a natural healing process.

It starts to help the cells in your body that are sick and go into a recovery process. Blue Light Therapy is good for helping long term ailments in your body.

Blue Light Therapy will also help you mentally and will help with clearer thinking. Clear thinking is important for the general wellbeing of your body.

During a healing session Beverley combines Mediphysical Medicine, Colour Healing and Blue Light Therapies to assist with your body's clearing process. These therapies are unique to Beverley The Medicine Woman. Beverley can start these therapies immediately by distant healing. All you need to do is to provide the following:  

  • your name
  • date of birth
  • photo.
  • The distant healing lasts for five weeks and cost is $160.00 The healing will flow for five weeks. Please go to the contact page for contact details.

Have a beautiful day and smile because you can.




The beautiful Blue Light Therapy Book will compliment your healing journey and your general well-being in your physical body. it's a great little book to pick up and just to read a little bit and absorb. Along with the Blue Light Therapy CD to MP3 that compliments the book. The book and CD is a wonderful gift for yourself or a wonderful gift idea. Enjoy

If you would like to purchase any of these beautiful gifts please go to the following pages:

  • Books & CD's
  • e-books
  • MP3's

Have an amazing day