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Tranquility in a Jar @  Rainbow Healing Rooms
Just a little bit about what we do and about us.
We love coming up with new ideas, creating them and making them with love. All our natural products are made by us with love for you and include our natural oils, serums, crystal candles and much more.
Our products and website are here to help you clear your mind, lift your vibration and energy. This will fill you with healing, love, kindness, happiness and help to purify and ground You.
It is such a passion for both of us to use the very best essential oils to activate our healing crystals. There are so many wonderful benefits in using essential oils & crystals on your body, as well as in your environment, home or work space.
Seeing the benefits for myself on people around me that use any of our products & healing tools.
Beverley has a beautiful gift and has helped hundreds of people for many years using her healing and channeling gift. Our website created by Beverley is a guide to the help and healing available to all you beautiful souls.
Beverley created Blue Light Healing into her work. Blue Light healing goes into the blue print of the body & helps to oxygenate the sick cells in your body, lifting your vibration & healing the cells further purifying the body.
Beverley has used Blue Light healing for many years and has helped many people in their time of need.
This is what we are all about. We are here helping people face to face in Beverley's healing rooms or answering questions on the phone. Helping people with our natural products, is what we do and letting the crystals do their job. Beverley activates crystal medicine healing into the crystals that we put into all our products.
We have designed amazing pages and tools on our website for anyone and everyone in need of help & healing.
Getting our products and healing tools out there to help those in need. This is what we love to do everyday sharing the love and kindness.
We are here to help and guide & we have something for everyone!  Thank you & Keep shining beautiful people 
Love Love Love